Contact a realestate agent/property owner.

Question: How can i contact the advertiser of a property? 
Answer: When you are interested in a property, use the contact form from the advertiser by: 

Go to the property that you are intersted in, and on the right side you see the profile + contact details of the realestate agent, click on Contact. The advertiser, will also be able to see the property that you are interested in. 

Realestate agents and Landlords 

Question: I  am a landlord / landowner, and i would like to list it on is that possible? 
Answer: You can list your property for free, and get the following benefits.

- 1 listing 
- 30 days 
- 5 photo's 
- 1 video 

Question:  Real estate agents are able to list their properties?  
Answer: Yes realestate agents are able to add their listings to 

Question: Can a Foreigner own a house in Cambodia?
Answer: Yes, although it is not as simple as owning a condo, it is possible to safely invest in a house in Cambodia . There are at least 4 ways to own a house:

1. Nominee: The easiest, although maybe not the most suitable to everyone, is the nominee method. For this method, all you need is for a khmer national, you can trust, to buy the house in his/her name for you. This is the cheapest method year over year and works well for foreigners married to khmer Nationals. 

2. Nominee with 30+30+30 year lease with option to buy: In this method, a khmer nominee is required but you are secure by having a lease registered on the land. The lease is a legally binding document registered with the Lands Office. All terms of the lease, including the initial term, are declared to be paid in advance in the lease agreement. The buyer will also have the option to buy the land outright if the khmer law is changed to allow it in the future. This is probably the safest method of property ownership.

3. Nominee with mortgage: In this method, a khmer nominee is required but you are secure by using a mortgage. The khmer nominee buys the property. The property is then registered at the Lands Office as mortgaged. The mortgage is structured such that the buyer (Foreigner) must sign the title documents in order for the property to be sold thereby securing his investment. If a problem arrises with the khmer nominee, they can be replaced.

4. Company: In this method, you form a company that owns the house. To create a company, you must have 6 khmer partners. The khmer partners will own 51% of the company and you will own the remaining 49%. But there is only one director (You) who has sole signing rights for the company. A small tax must be paid each year. This probably the most popular way to own property.

Noted: We can recommend a lawyer to handle the required paperwork for any of the above methods.

Question: What are the land measurements in Cambodia ?
Answer: Land is measured as such:

  • 1 Talang Met = 1 Square Meter = 10.7 Square Feet
  • 1 Talang Wah = 4 Square Meters = 42.7 Square Feet
  • 1 Ngan = 100 Talang Wah = 400 Square Meters = 4,277 Sq Ft
  • 1 Rai = 4 Ngan = 400 Talang Wah = 1,600 Sq M. = 17,109 Sq Ft
  • 1 Acre = 2.5 Rai = 10 Ngan = 1,000 Talang Wah = 4,000 Sq M = 42,772 Square Feet