Business opportunity arise everyday in other parts of the world. In Cambodia, the influx of investment is gaining its momentum and creating buzz for potential investors. However nice it may seems, but without certain affirmation, those potential investors might pondering about the chance of doing business in Cambodia. Their most important question would be "Why Cambodia?". Of course Cambodia offers these attractive factors:

1. Favorable geographical setting

Cambodia borders two countries which possess large market: Thailand and Vietnam. This single fact is sufficed to convince the mind of entrepreneurs to consider Cambodia in their list. The connection between this two markets offer the investor a chance to explore more of business opportunity of the beginning of ASEAN's regionalization of economy. As part of ASEAN, Cambodia will serve an even greater purpose in the years to come.

2. Natural resource abundance

Not just a wide variety of resources can be found in Cambodia, but they are available in large quantity. On top of that, the potential of natural oil and gas resource can be a big trump card for Cambodia future investment. Cambodia also possesses a vast fertile land and livestock for agricultural business.  

3. Vibrant Workforce Haven

You can expect much from Cambodian workforce. The population structured is heavily dominated by young and vigilant workers who offer quality services. As a matter of fact, the literacy rate in Cambodia is 75% who are available at low labor cost. On top of that, majority of them have a good proficiency in second language such as English or Chinese, as well as Korean, Thai and Japanese.

4. Big potential for tourism industry

It is undisputable that Cambodia is one of the Asian cultural powerhouses, having temples and ruins lie awaited for pleasing smile and caring heart. The number of tourists visiting Cambodia is rising each year. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agency… are making fortune out of this industry. Maybe you can join this competition and share the fortune too.

5. Dollarized Economy

Adding to the above points, Cambodian economy is running on both Riels and US Dollars. This gives the foreign investors a chance to lower the foreign exchange risk and also ease of transferring profit.

6. Fair and sound investment incentives

100% foreign ownership, except land (99-year land leases) is a major attraction to investors. There are many other investment incentives which you can apply from CDC or . Moreover, the government has established numerous Special Economic Zones all across the country, creating a favorable condition for investor to explore their opportunity in heavy industry.

7. Duty free to export products to EU markets

Cambodia is one of least development country which receiving special preference from European Union under rule of EBA ( Everything But Arm) . Under the rule of EBA , Cambodia is able to export every commodity except arm to European markets without quota. It is one of competitive incentive to invest in Cambodia and export the products to European market with tax zero rate.